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The Waajibaat Of Salaah

The following are Waajib (compulsory) in Salaah:
1. Reading Suratul Faatihah.
2. Reciting a Surah, three short verses or one long verse from the Holy Qur’aan after Suratul Faatihah.
3. Performing Salaah in the correct sequence.
4. Sitting after performing the second pair of Sajdah in the Salaah which contains more than two rakaat.
5. Sitting between the two Sajdah. This sitting is called Jalsah.
6. Standing erect when coming up from Ruku’ before going into Sajdah. This is called Qawmah.
7. Reading of Tashahhud.
8. Ending the Salaah by saying Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatuallah
9. Reading of Du’aa Al-Qunoot in Salaatul Witr.
10. The performing of the entire Salaah unhurriedly.
11. For the Imaam to recite Qiraat loudly during:
The first two rakaats of the Fard of Fajr, Maghrib and Esha.
The two rakaats of Jumu’ah and Eid Salaah.
Tarawih and Witr Salaah during Ramadhaan.
12. The Imaam has to read silently during all the rakaats of Zuhr and Asr, the third rakaat of Maghrib and the third and fourth rakaat of Esha.
13. The reciting of six extra Takbeer during both Eid Salaah.

Copied from "Al-Ustaadh"