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The Thirteen Sunan Acts In Wudhu

There are thirteen Sunan acts in Wudhu. A Sunnah is an act which Rasoolullah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) performed (Sunan is the plural of Sunnah). If any Sunnah is left out, the Wudhu is valid, but one does not get the full thawaab of Wudhu.

The thirteen Sunan are:
1. Niyyah (intention).
2. Reciting Bismillah.
3. Washing the hands, including the wrists, thrice.
4. Brushing the teeth with a Miswaak.
5. Gargling thrice.
6. Passing water into the nostrils thrice.
7. Khilaal of the beard (that is, passing wet fingers through the beard).
8. Khilaal of the fingers and tones.
9. Washing each portion of the body (which has to be wet) thrice.
10. Masah of the whole head once.
11. Masah of the ears.
12. All of the acts of Wudhu to be performed in the correct (Sunnah) order.
13. Washing each portion in sequence so that no portion of the body dries before the next seven is completed.

Copied from "AL-Usataadh"