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Ta'keed: Confirmation / emphasis

Ta-assuf: Injustice.

Ta-bi-een: Successors of the companions.

Taahir: Clean from impurity.

Tafseer: Commentary / translation.

Tafweed: To delegate.

Tahleel: To make halal.

Taif: A city in Saudi Arabia.

Tais al musta-ar: A pimp.

Talaq: Divorce.

Talaq al hazil: One who divorces a wife in jest.

Talaq al mareed maradul mout: The talaq of one who is terminally ill.

Talaq al Mukhtee: The talaq of one who has made a mistake.

Talaq al Mukrih: The talaq of a person who is coerced to divorce his wife.

Talaq al Murtad: The talaq of the apostate.

Talaq al Safeeh: The talaq of one who is simple or foolish.

Talaq al Sakran: The talaq of the intoxicated person.

Talaq al Sareeh: The direct form of speech.

Talaq al Ta-assuf: Talaq unjustly issued.

Talaq ba-in: An irrevocable talaq.

Talaq ba-in baynoo-natun sughra: A minor irrevocable divorce decree.

Talaq ba-in baynoonatun kubra: A major irrevocable divorce decree i.e. three talaqs were issued.

Talaq bid-iy:: A talaq which is haram.

Talaq Ghayrul Muslim: The talaq of the non-Muslim.

Talaq mu-allaq: A talaq which is suspended.

Talaq mudaf: A talaq which is attached to something.

Talaq munjiz: A talaq, which is immediately implemented.

Talaq raj-ee: A revocable divorce decree.

Talaq Sunniy al-ahsan: The sunnah talaq which is the best.

Talaqul Ghadban: The talaq of one who is extremely angry.

Tamr: Dry dates.

Taqdeem al Shart: A rule/condition brought forward without delay.

Taqwa: Piety - fear of Allah / consciousness in religion.

Tarwiyah: The eighth day of the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar.

Tasamuh: Forbearance, indulgence, tolerance, forgiveness.

Tasbeeh: Praising and glorifying the name of Allah.

Tau-keel: Power of attorney/Power of representation.

Taubah: To repent.

Tauheed: The absolute Oneness of Allah.

Tawaf al-Ifadah / Tawaf az-Ziyarah: The obligatory Tawaf of Hajj.

Tawaf: Circling the Ka'bah in worship.

Tawliyah: Sale at cost without any profit for the seller.

Tayyamum: Substitute for wudhu and ghusl in certain circumstances.

Thawaab: Reward from Allah.

Thay-yib: A divorcee or widow.

Thi-har: Injurious assimilation of wife to her mother/sister etc.

Thimmiy: The name of a non-Muslim living under Muslim sovereignty and paying Jizyah (taxes).

Thulm: Injustice.

Tijaarah: Trade