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THE PROPHET SHETH (peace be upon him)

Sheth was the third son of the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him). When he was born, his father, the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) had attained the age of 130 years. Allah conferred upon him the honour of prophethood after his father. It is said that Allah revealed to him fifty small portions of scripture. When the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) was on death bed, he appointed Sheth as his successor and advised his descendants to follow him and live peacefully in perfect harmony. He tried to guide his followers to the right path but some of them were depraved by the Satan. They began to worship his self-made portrait. He passed away at the age of 912 years. Anush, his son won a remarkable position after him. In the fourth century there existed in the Egypt a sect of Gnostics, calling themselves Sethians. They regarded Sheth as a divine emanation.