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Naaqidh (pi. Nawaaqidh): A factor which breaks one's Wudhu

Nabi: A prophet.

Nabuwwat: Prophethood.

Nafaqah: Duty of support to a wife and other dependants.

Nafil: Optional or Extra.

Najasah: Impurity.

Najis (pl anjaas; najaarah): Impurity.

Nasab: Family lineage.

Nashizah: A woman who disobeys her husband.

Nawaaqidh: Factors which break one's wudhu and ghusl.

Nifas: The flow of blood for a duration of 40 - 60 days after childbirth.

Nisaab: A specific amount on which Zakaah is taxable.

Nisful Ushr: 1/20.

Niyah: Intention. The formula necessary to render an act of devotion acceptable.