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Makrooh Acts in Salaah

(Makrooh: An act which is disliked but not forbidden)
Salaah becomes Makrooh when one indulges in any of the following actions:
1. The scratching of the body unnecessarily.
2. Fidgeting with one’s clothes.
3. The closing of the eyes through tiredness.
4. The omission of any Sunnah deliberately.
5. Making the second rakaat longer than the first.
6. Reciting the surahs in the wrong order e.g. to read Surah "Quraish" in the first rakaat and Surah "Feel" in the second.
7. The omission of the Surah following the one that has been read is not permissible, at least two or more Surahs after the one that has been read should be omitted.
8. Performing Salaah while there is an urge to go to toilet, or when hungry or when food is ready to be consumed.

Copied from "Al-Ustaadh"