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Ma'fuw Wun Anhu: One upon whom certain things are excusable for him.

Maa-ul Mushtaraa: Water that is brought/purchased

Madinah / Yathrib: A city in Arabia where Hazrat Muhammed (saw) is buried.

Madressah:: School; generally refers to the Islamic school.

Maghrib:: The prayer which is performed just after sunset.

Mahroom: One in need/desperate straits.

Majoosis: The fire worshippers.

Makkah: A city in Arabia where the holy Ka'bah is situated.

Makrooh (p1. Makroohaat): An act which is disliked but not forbidden .

Makrooh karahatul tahreem: An abominable action more inclined to haram than to halal.

Malik al Talaq: The one who is empowered with the right of talaq.

Manat:: One of the major idols in pre-Islamic Arabia.

Mandoob: Another word for sunnah.

Mardood: Rejected.

Marhallahs: A distance of 115Km.

Masah: Passing wet hands over a dry area (in Wudhu).

Mashee-ah: Will / choice.

Mashoor: Famous.

Masjid: Place of worship.

Maslahah: What is in the best interest of the public, religion and those concerned.

Maslahatul: What is in the best interest of the Ummah community at large/as a whole.

Matha-hibul Arba-ah: The four procedures of ideology.

Mathab: An adopted procedure of ideology.

Mathhabs: A code of life which is being followed under Islamic law.

Mawla: Refers to master, lord, guardian, protector and friend. This term also applies to a freed slave and to the person who frees the slave.

Madinah: The city of the Holy Prophet in Arabia.

Mi'raaj: Journey of Hazrat Muhammed (saw) to the seven heavens.

Mimbar: Pulpit.

Minaaret: The lofty turret of a Mosque from which the caller i.e the Muaththin calls the people to pray.

Miraaj: Journey to the seven heavens.

Miskeen: Needy

Miswak:: Tooth stick.

Mith-Qaal: A weight which consist of 70 carats.

Moosir: One with adequate means.

Mount Safa: A hilltop in Makkah.

Mozzakkiy: The person discharging the Zakaah.

Mu'azzin: The person who calls the adhaan.

Mu'sir: One in a situation of difficulty.

Mu-adhdhin: The caller of Adhan, inviting Muslims to prayer.

Mu-Allafatu-Quloobuhum: Those whose hearts are inclined towards

Mu-allaq: Suspended.

Mu-amalat: Trade.

Mubah: Permissible

Mubara-ah: Word describing annulment of marriage through monetary agreement.

Mudaf (talaq): The talaq which is attached to the future.

Mudhaarabah: An agreement between two or more persons whereby one or more of them provide finance, while the other/s provide enterpreneurship and management to carry on any business venture whether trade, industry or service with the objective of earning profits. The profit is shared by them in an agreed proportion. The loss is borne by the financiers only in proportion to their share in the total capital.

Mudhaarib: The partner who provides entrepreneurship and management in a Mudhaarabah agreement.

Mufti: One who gives verdicts.

Muhaajireen: Migrators.

Muhajjir: Emigrant; a person who migrates in the way of Allah.

Muhajjirun: Emigrants; title given to Muslims who migrated from Makkah to Madinah.

Mujtahid: One who makes research/independent reasoning.

Mujtahids: Researchers.

Mukallaf: One who is of age - 15 years. Puberty.

Mukatib: A slave who is under contract with his master to pay for his freedom in instalments.

Mukhtar: One who is able to make his own choice.

Mukrih: A person who is coerced to divorce his wife.

Mumay-yiz: One who understands the meaning of an act of worship and its obligations.

Munjiz: immediate implementation.

Murabahah: Sale at a special profit margin. The seller purchases the goods desired by the buyer and sells them at an agreed mark-up price. The payment being settled within an agreed time frame, either in instalments or lump sum. The seller undertakes all management needed for the purchase and also bears the risk for the goods until they have been delivered to the buyer.

Murtad: A Muslim who changed his religion. An apostate.

Musaddiq: The person discharging voluntary charity.

Musallee: A Muslim performing salaah.

Mushrik: A polytheist. One who associates others with Allah.

Muslim: Believers in one Allah and Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.).

Mustahab (p1. Mustahabaat): An act which, if done, is rewarded but if not done there is no sin.

Mut-ah: A gift.

Mutalliq: The man who divorces his wife.

Muwakkil: A nominator.