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Jahannam: Hell.

Jahiliyyah: The age of Ignorance, This name was given to the period between Prophet Isa and the Prophet Muhammad when people forgot the teachings of the Prophets, and violated the religious sanctities.

Jam'aah: Congregation; group of Muslims.

Jamrat al-'Aqabah: The symbol of the ritual of stoning Shaytan in Mina which is located near 'Aqabah.

Jamrat al-Ula: The first symbol of the ritual of stoning Shaytan in Mina.

Jamrat al-Wusta: The second (medium) symbol of stoning Shaytan.

Jannah: Paradise.

Jibra'eel (as): Angel who brought Allah's revelation to the prophets.

Jibreel: The name of the angel who was sent to the Messenger.

Jihad: To struggle or fight in the way of Allah.

Jinn: They are created by Allah from fire, and are invisible to human beings. They can change their shape. They are air, subject to the Islamic call. Among them there are believers and unbelievers.

Jizyah: The tax which is levied in Muslim states on non-Muslim adult subjects who can afford it in return for security for their lives and property and defending them against their enemies.

Jumad-ul-Ula: The fifth month of the Islamic calendar.

Jumu'ah: The Friday prayer.