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Hadan: Minerals.

Hadd: Restrictions

Hadeeth: Narration's and reports of the deeds and sayings of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.).

Hajj: Pilgrimage to Makkah during the month of Dhul Hijjah.

Hajjat al-Balagh: The Pilgrimage of conveying the message.

Hajjat al-Wada: The Farewell Pilgrimage - when the Prophet bade farewell to his Ummah.

Hajre Aswad: The black stone embedded in the wall of the holy Ka'bah.

Hakamayn: Two hakims.

Hakim: One who issues decrees (magistrate).

Halaal: Anything permitted by the Shariah (Islamic Law). Lawful.

Hanifiyyah: To devote oneself fully to Allah and completely surrender to His will. This is the name of the religion of Prophet Ibrahim [peace and blessings be upon him).

Haraam: Anything prohibited by the Shariah.

Haram Hurma Mu-abbad: A haraam decree forever binding.

Haram Hurmatum Mu Aqqatah: A haram decree which lasts only for a certain period.

Haram Shareef: The area where the holy Ka'bah is situated.

Hawaazin: A tribe of Arabs who live in Taif-Arabia.

Hejaz: The original name given to Arabia.

Hijr: Known as Hatim. it is the half-walled area attached to the Ka'bah which is also called Hijr-Isma'il and Hijr al-Ka'bah.

Hijrah: Migration of the Holy Prophet from Mecca to Madinah. To leave ones place of residence for the sake of Allah.

Hikmah: Wisdom.

Hilf al-Fudul (the alliance of excellence): This alliance was called hilf al-Fudul, due to the excellence of the contents of this agreement.

Hilful Fudhool: A pledge taken to help the orphans and widows.

Hiqqah: A three year old camel's colt.

Hubal: One of the major idols in pre-Islamic Arabia.

Hukum: Decree.

Hurmatul Musaharah: Family ties which are haram through marriage .