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Factors Which Break Salaah

Factors which render Salaah Faasid (invalid)
1. Salaah becomes invalid (not acceptable):
2. When one’s Wudhu breaks during Salaah.
3. When one loses one’s senses in Salaah or becomes insane or faints.
4. When one’s chest is turned away intentionally from the Qiblah.
5. When one leaves out any Fard of Salaah.
6. When one leaves out a Waajib action intentionally.
7. When one talks or replies to a Salaam or replies to a sneezing person, or laughs loudly while in Salaah.
8. When one recites the Qur’aan incorrectly.
9. When one cries out in pain or utters sounds caused by pain.
10. When one eats or drinks during Salaah.
11. To move about in Salaah without reason.
12. The performance of any action which creates the impression that the Musallee is not in Salaah, renders the Salaah invalid. An example of this is the tugging of the Kurta with both hands before going into Sajdah.

Copied from "Al-Ustaadh"