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Dafeenul Jahiliy-yah: Buried treasure during the days of paganism.

Dakhn:: Any of several cereal plants bearing a large crop of minute nutritious seeds.

Daroorah: Necessity.

Darul-harb: An area or vicinity at war with Muslims. A state under non-Muslim sovereignty.

Dayn: Anything outstanding on anybody. Debt.

Dean: Religion.

Dhul-Hijjah: The month of Hajj. Twelfth month of the Islamic calendar.

Dhul-Qadah: The eleventh month of the Islamic calendar.

Dinars: Money/Coins.

Dirhams: Coins (Eastern).

Diyah: Blood money to be paid.

Diyanah: Religiously.

Diyanatan: By way of religion.

Dua: Supplication to Allah. Invocation.

Dunya: World/Earth.