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Ba-in: Irrevocable.

Bab: (Door) Subject.

Bairu-Haa: The name of a garden in Madinah.

Baligh: One who is mature (Compelled by law).

Banoo Haashim: The children of Hashim.

Baqar: Cows

Batil: Null and void.

Bay: Sale - also used as a prefix in referring to different types of sale -- Mu'ajjal, Muraabahah, Tawliyah, Wadi'ah

Bay mu'aijal: Sale against deferred payment, either in a lump sum or instalments.

Bay muqayada: Exchange of goods for goods with certain conditions

Bay salam: An exceptional contract of sale causing an immediate payment of the price and admitting a delay in the delivery of the goods generally the crop produce. As a rule, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is reported to have forbidden the sale of what is not in one's actual possession. Bay Salam is an exception to the above rule. It is declared as valid, subject to the condition that the quality and the nature of the article of sale and the time and place of delivery and the price are clearly defined at the time of making the contract of such a sale.

Bay't-ar-Ridwan: The Pledge of the Pleasure. The Pledge which took place at al-Hudaybiyyah and upon which Allah the Almighty revealed a special verse of the Qur'an to express His Pleasure with those believers who gave their allegiance to the Prophet.

Bayhaqiy: The name of a noted leader in the science of Hadeeth.

Baytul-Maal: The Muslim public treasury.

Baytullah: The Holy Ka'ba - The House of Allah.

Bint-Laboon: A two year old colt.

Bint-Makhaad: A yearling camels colt.

"BismikAllahumma: In your name, o Allah!

Buraaq: Conveyance of Hazrat Muhammed (S.A.W.) during Mi'raaj.