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ATTITUDES OF HEART AND MIND: Firm Faith and Conviction

Come to the Qur'an with a deep and firm faith and conviction that it is the revealed word of Allah. Such is the charm of the Qur'an that even if a man takes it up and starts reading it as he would an ordinary book, he would still benefit from it, provided he reads it with an open mind. But this is the Book of Allah; and you should always remain conscious that each word you are reading has been sent for you by Allah. This constant awareness is vital to develop the right attitudes and strong determination required to reach the heart of the Qur'an and assimilate its message. Think of His majesty and glory and power, and you will feel the awe and devotion and a longing for His words. That is why the Qur'an reminds you of this important truth at the beginning of most surahs and frequently in between.